Coronavirus (COVID-19)
and our community

The HVCA urges all its members to stay abreast of current and factual information relating to the COVID-19 outbreak.
You can do so by visiting the Ministry of Health & Wellness' website
THe HVCA seeks to ensure the wellbeing of community members in this challenging time. We have coordinated an outreach programme, whereby care packages are donated to community members in need, especially the elderly. You are welcomed to contact us if you would like to donate to this worthy cause or if you are in need of any help during this difficult time.
All corresponce will be kept confidential.

Emergency Contacts
MOH Coronavirus HOTLINE 888 663 5683 (ONE LOVE)
888 754 7792
876 542 5998
876 542 6006
876 542 6007
Harbour View Police 876 928 6001
Fire/Ambulance 110
Police 119
Jamaica Public Service (JPS) 1 888 225 5577
National Water Commission (NWC) 1 888 225 5692
Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (O.D.P.E.M.) 1 888 991 4262