The community of Harbour View is home to over thirteen thousand (13, 000) residents who work together to build and maintain the community. Established in 1960, Harbour View has stood the test of time, with residents supporting each other and always seeking ways to unite and uplift the community.

The Harbour View Citizens’ Association (HVCA) works on behalf of the citizens of the community. HVCA meets every first Sunday at the Harbour View Community Center (1B Riverside Drive, Harbour View, Kingston 17). Together, we can continue to build and share in selfless service to our neighbours. If you are a resident of Harbour View, Become a member today and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Meet the Executive Body
  • President

    Orian Archat

  • Interim 1st Vice-President

    Sandra Hall

  • Secretary

    Elaine Edwards

  • Assistant Secretary

    Marjorie Copeland

  • Interim Treasurer

    Michael Murray

  • Interim P.R.O.

    Dr. Danique Hayden

  • Co-opted executive members

    Novlet Ralph,

    Beryl Urquhart,

    Lorna Harris

  • Committees
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Planning Committee (unfilled)
  • Sports Committee (unfilled)

Street Representatives
  • Over 90% of the positions for street representatives are unfilled. Street representatives are critical in helping to disseminate information and communicating specific issues affecting certain parts of the community.

    Volunteer to become a Street Representative

  • Projects

    HVCA, over the years, has worked on a number of projects, all aimed at improving the lives of our residents. Although the Association is faced with the issue of limited funding, we continue to embark on new and ongoing projects.

    The Fundraising Committee

    This committee raises funds for the various events and projects through different fundraisers. Fundraisers include movie nights, tag drives and other innovative ways of raising funds, while establishing relationships among community members.

    See our Calendar for information on any upcoming fundraiser.

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    New Project

    Neptune Park

    Our aim is to renovate this space to accommodate all the basic schools’ sporting activities on the Western side of Harbour View. In addition, it should provide a recreational space for families.

    Ongoing Projects

    Community Center

    This building is currently 80% completed. Future improvements would include providing electricity and water to the building via a solar system and water tanks respectively. We also aim to implement 3 gazebos on the outside, a paved driveway, parking and landscaping of the grounds.

    The community center may be used for small functions and continues to host our monthly meetings.

    Aqua Park

    This park was recently renovated and houses a multipurpose court as well as a recreational area for families.

    Future improvements to the area will see the introduction of solar lighting and benches.

    Rocky Park Sporting Complex

    Located on the Eastern side of Harbour View, the basketball and netball courts and football field act as the main sporting complex in the community.

    Ongoing improvements to these areas include the introduction of concrete fencing and lighting of the basketball and netball courts.